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  • Abbotton

    Abbotton is a small, walled town Southeast of [[Rendar]]. The [[Crimson Blades]] control most of the northern part of the town and the surrounding highways. The Crimson Blades are a notorious group of thieves which have power in most of Southern [[Agmar …

  • Crimson Blades

    The Crimson Blades are an organisation of assassins and thieves which control much of the political arena in Southeast [[Agmaré]].

  • Rendar

    Rendar is the capitol and seat of political power in [[Agmaré]]. Rendar is currently a hotbed of political activity because of the race for succession between[[:prince-gr-old-iii | Prince Grèold III]] and [[:prince-ranulf | Prince Ranulf]]. The [[Crimson …

  • Prince Ranulf

    This Prince spends plenty of time trying to secure his succession, despite his siblings Malika and Grèold having rights to the throne. He has a special group of agents known as Horizoners. Xavier Dawn is a member.

  • Princess Malika

    While Malika is the eldest child of King Grèold II and Queen Olarah of Agmaré, she is expected to give her birthright of the throne to her younger brother Grèold III. Her youngest brother, Ranulf, is vying to take it from her.

  • Prince Grèold III

    While Malika has the official birthright, it is expected that she will surrender the succession of the kingdom to Grèold. Grèold is known to be a mighty swordsman and is said to have single-handedly fought 23 orcs without receiving a battle-wound, …